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Our Philosophy

We provide accurate first opinions valuable second opinions and superior service.

We know that choosing the right insurance consultant can often be a difficult decision, especially when most companies seem to be saying all the same things.

At Axis Insurance Group you’ll receive personalized service from highly trained, educated professionals with years of experience.

Our portfolio of insurance carriers are carefully selected “A” Rated or higher and usually backed by re-insurers who’s ratings are equivalent or higher. In essence if you have to file a claim, you can rest assured knowing the carrier we place you with will be financially capable of paying it.

At Axis Insurance Group, it’s not just a courtesy call… it’s a necessity call. We keep in touch with our clients and we’re actually interested to know your Business, Life and Retirement are going well.

We’ve found through experience that both honesty and morality are relative terms that count only in the perspective of the receiver.

It’s our goal that our team members, insurance carriers and especially our clients see a high level of integrity at Axis Insurance Group at all times.

We want to always meet our commitments.  As business professionals, we want to always be on point to help our clients meet their insurance objectives by providing optimal insurance coverage at the most competitive price.

We will be honest to a fault in our effort to make sure our clients know what insurance coverage they need and why they need it.  If the choice is not to accept our recommendation, you’ll understand the exposure to yourself and to your business.

Our agency will always strive to have a strong and consistent moral code while we treat everyone with respect.  Our objective is to build and maintain relationships that our clients can trust.

In the words of President Eisenhower, “The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionable integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office”.

Or as Alan K. Simpson said, “If you have integrity, nothing else matters.  If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.”

Because of social networking, websites, and other methods of instant communication, today’s businesses must be conscientious of their reputation on a constant basis and be responsive to any crisis that may have an impact on their reputation.

We understand consumers have choices for similar insurance agencies that offer the same type insurance and investment products or services for different prices.

We want our reputation of excellence, integrity and close relationships to differentiate us as a preference over just another agency selling insurance products in a competitive marketplace.  In essence, you’re gonna know we care about you, your family or your business; you’ll feel it and you’ll experience it.

Delivering good customer service is some of the best marketing that our company can do.  Our customers love sharing their experiences with their friends and family.   In fact, it’s been our experience that our customers who’ve gotten their issues resolved have told about 4 – 6 people of their positive experience with our company.

Friends telling friends about their personal customer service experiences is not the only way word gets around anymore. Thanks to the internet and social media, word of mouth has changed dramatically.

Providing great customer service is sometimes easier said than done.  We can train our agents and reps in products, but great customer service starts at the top, with the leader defining what “service” will be.  Once defined, that customer service must then be disseminated, deployed through training and most importantly demonstrated through our actions.  We will settle for no less than our clients raving about how well they were treated and cared for as they had their insurance and financial needs met.

Our Skills

Business / Commercial
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